Itchy lumps in anus

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Including more fibre in your diet will make your stools softer and easier to pass. OA of the Knee. Dry toilet paper cannot remove all of this stool material. There may also be a discharge of mucus from the anus. Diaper rash is an inflammation of the skin on a baby's bottom, caused by excessive exposure to a soiled diaper.

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There are several ways to do this, including ligation tying them off with a rubber band ; injection of a chemical solution that shrinks the vein; laser surgery; and in severe cases surgical removal in a hospital.

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Itchy bottom

John Edward Swartzberg, M. This dryness and irritation of the anal skin can be made worse by soaps and vigorous washing. However, if you feel you must use soap, try to use it less often, and use a moisturizing skin care bar which is less likely to remove the natural oils of the skin. Skin on the genitals, buttocks, and thighs will look red…. Find information on medical topics, symptoms, drugs, procedures, news and more, written in everyday language.

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itchy lumps in anus
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itchy lumps in anus
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