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From the inside, the view is less pleasant. I saw it on some Internet commentary after some article came out about our book. Forget any difference of opinion between you and me and David Sedaris. Barry is such an icon that just thinking about her makes me want to tie a red bandana around my head to get more awesome by association. Of course, that effect is calculated: To some degree, self-promotion taints even the most rigorously honest autobiographical effort; by definition, it is impossible to escape. A trained journalist interested in deconstructing the myth of objectivity in reporting, Sacco rejects the cloak of invisibility that most journalists assume when they discount the influence that their particular eyes and ears have over any given story.

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This is a work of autobifictionalography.

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Penis Rays, Self-Loathing and Psychic Voodoo: Autobiographical Cartoonists on Truth and Lies

What does autobiography mean to a man with a living room like that? Interestingly, the one place where fact and fiction fraternize more freely is in the graphic novels section, which is located, in most bookstores, between sci-fi and fantasy in what champion of popular fiction Michael Chabon has called the genre slums. As the editor I have to decide, okay, is this presented as reportage? The negative feedback escalated when Aline began drawing autobiographical comics with her husband, the celebrated pervert R. Both artists demand that you reconsider your whole relationship with irony. One of the editors said, well, listen.

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dick humor twisted voodoo
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dick humor twisted voodoo
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