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Reader comments on the erotic story. I had seen my stepsister naked plenty of times, but the massage somehow made it a lot more erotic. I pinned her, then let her up when she tapped out. Then, to my astonishment, it was Amy who dropped to her knees. Cece Parekh Damon Wayans Jr.

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Amy stood in front of me with cocked hips and a satisfied smirk.

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One day we got in some kind of silly argument while watching TV in the living room - neither of us was mad, and neither took it seriously, but we started play-wrestling. I wasn't wearing anything underneath. Slowly, I reached up my hand and put it on her bare left breast. She was still naked, gorgeous and naked, standing there sweating. She gripped them, and started to roll them gently around in her hand. I first almost pinned her, then tickled her, making her scream but allowing her to wriggle free.

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