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Someone just change it back already…. What they need more than anything right now is a beating to ensure that they know there are consequences. Because IF the white guys were guilty of half the bullying the thugs say they are, the white guys would have been more than willing to engage in a fistfight with the thugs. Just do me one little favor. Read by 5, people Date:

Plenty of them were once strippers or prostitutes or drug addicts.

Jonas Brothers Justin Bieber Twitter Battle

By Jonas Brothers fans. I think he is, but not because he sold a lot of CDs! It was, by no means, a challenge of authority and, in fact, it was a celebration of it. A lot of us really like him but the fetus thing has us cracking up everytime. JB stands for Jonas Brothers. I wish I was that straw. Y on earth do folk say I am homophobic?

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