Bloody vaginal discharge after sex

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Differential diagnosis of genital tract bleeding in women. Pregnancy, childbirth, and breast-feeding all cause major hormonal changes, most of which can make vaginal tissues more prone to damage. Healthy Sex for Women Learn how safe sex, birth control options, and STD prevention can help you maintain a healthy sex life. Are you at greater risk of bleeding after sex? Some people have differently shaped reproductive organs, which may increase the likelihood of painful friction and tearing. Postcoital bleeding may come from your vaginal walls, cervix, urethra, or vulva.

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What causes a woman to bleed after sex?

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What Causes Bleeding After Sex?

If your cervix has been damaged by an infection, your doctor may remove affected cells using silver nitrate or cryosurgery. This condition usually clears up without treatment, but it can cause spotting and vaginal bleeding. If you are using condoms, an oil-based lubricant can damage it. It occurs in women of all ages. To diagnose postcoital bleeding, a doctor may perform a full physical exam, as well as some additional tests. You may want to avoid products containing parabens or propylene glycol.

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bloody vaginal discharge after sex
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bloody vaginal discharge after sex
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